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TOP 5 GrillVIP Recipes for SUMMER

TOP 5 GrillVIP Recipes for SUMMER

Summer is ALMOST HERE!! Woot!

Over the last year I’ve had the opportunity to interview and grill with dozens GrillVIP’s all over the US… it’s been a deliciously amazing year!

In addition to honing my skillz, I got lots of feedback from my fellow grill-masters & mistresses on their favorite Mama O’Neill GrillVIP recipes. Here are their TOP 5 Picks for Summertime Grilling!

#5 – Pescatarian’s Favorite – Who doesn’t love Fish Tacos!!??! These are easy to make on any grill along side some grilled veggies for a robust, healthy and delicious meal!

#4 – BEST PUB BURGER – This recipe is c/o 7 Time BBQ Champion Melissa Cookston. It may be the best burger I’ve even eaten (not the healthiest but worth the calories)!

#3 – Healthy Surf & Turf – Yes, you wrap fish in zucchini before grilling it (to hold it together) and make a tomato bacon sauce to drizzle on top. Boom!

#2 – LIVE-FIRE-GRILLED Turkey Burgers! Mama’s favorite because it’s a nice lean protein and great for those guests who do not eat red meat. Plus, you get to grill them on the open flame! I can’t think of anything better… can you?

#1 – AUSSIE LAMB FOR THE WIN – You know that show “Best Thing I Ever Ate”?.. well, if I ever get invite on that show, I’m going to head back down to Melissa Cookston’s house to eat this amazing Smoke Grilled Rack of Lamb w. Cactus Pear BBQ Sauce.

Please try this recipes and let me know what YOU love! Stay healthy, happy & safe this summer!

Love & yum,

Lindsay “Mama” O’Neill