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Ego vs. Purpose #thestruggleisreal

Ego vs. Purpose #thestruggleisreal

Ego vs. Purpose, my personal tidbit: Some may think “oh shit, she lost her way… following the $$ and forgetting her mission…” they are NOT wrong. As a mother of 3, a participatory partner, and an enigmatic thinker and innovator, why shouldn’t I follow the $$? #thestruggleisreal

But I’m also SUPER self-aware. I realized this week, that in addition to following $$, and putting passion/mission/purpose on “pause” I also allowed myself to be filled with EGO-driven goodness.

It’s true – I love being on camera.

However, this week I had to face other truths… like, what do I want my 3 daughters to think of me?

1) Mommy makes enough $ to hire people to care for us while she works so we can go to good schools, eat good food, and have fun toys?


2) Mommy is doing her best to be with us as much as possible, while she contributes financially to our family AND helps make the world a better place for us and our children?

I’d pick #2 EVERYDAY of the week.

So, sorry “sponsors”, but I’ve flipped my content to be very 2017 heavy… a year I made a BIG push to be authentic, helpful and progressive, but yet I fell short of “influencer” expectations!

I published HOURS of helpful tips, recipes, and mindful practice in videos like, meal planning, shopping lists, and what to eat OUT:

But because it was not “liked” or “shared” enough, I found myself falling back on my expertise of sales, marketing, media & tech. I spent A LOT of time finding “sponsors” and consulting jobs with companies who either paid me handsomely for my expertise OR made me feel valued and special.

I “wasted” 2 years of my life (and 2 years of my time as a mother) helping others build their brand & company, and not focusing on MY brand and my company (aka family).

The word “wasted” is in parenthesis because it’s not entirely truth… all PAIN and experience is our teacher, and learning can never be considered “wasted” time!

I’ve learned a lot in 2 years. I think a lot of you can say the same.

What I’ve now come back to is NOT ego, it is PURPOSE.

Since I was a little girl I felt insecurity because of my financial position, or my educational level – not just because of society, but because I have A LOT of respect for well-educated, “smart” people. And while I’ve always worked to surround myself with those people, I myself have not pursued an advanced degree.

For example, I claim to be a chef, but have no culinary degree. I claim to be a culinary healer and health coach, but am not a medical practitioner.

In fact, I am just a woman who was educated in REAL LIFE. A lover of life, love, people and the pursuit of something better & greater for all humankind.

So where does that LEAD me (instead of LEAVE me)? I am LEAD to be helpful, to be honest, to be LOVE, to give more than I expect in return, to be brutally honest with others and myself, and to BE the change I want to see in the world.

I’m okay with FAILING, and in fact I do it often… and know I will do it over and over again.

SO what is that PURPOSE?? I honestly believe I can help change the world for the better, and I have re-committed my life to this purpose. I may only have 1 day to live, but I may have 50 more years to work on this PURPOSE… let’s hope for the latter.

I need your support, love and warm wishes in this PURPOSE, because with it I will fail less yet learn more.

Specifically, I want to HEAL THE WORLD. Small goals, I know.

2 words of wisdom I live by:

  1. Keep moving forward. SMALL HINGES SWING A BIG DOOR. If you keep doing small things each day, you can impact your life and those around you in a BIG way.

I’ll leave you with one more tidbit: DON’T borrow problems from TOMORROW. Just live today. Be imperfect, be real, and be honest with yourself AND others.

Be your best, and if you’re not, it’s okay.

Love & yum,

Lindsay “Mama” O’Neill