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Back-to-School Day-by-Day GUIDE

Back-to-School Day-by-Day GUIDE

For most of us school starts this week or next. Its a crazy time of year… We’re balancing work and kids activities, and feverishly getting ready for school, friends, and Fall schedules!

The last thing you need is to worry about what to make your kids for breakfast, lunch and snack time. So, I’ve thought of it for you!

Here’s a day-by-day guide to back-to-school meal prep:

Week 1: Morning rush (Breakfast) –

Week 2: Box-able Lunches –

Weeks 3 & 4: Snacks –

BTW… I read this article yesterday called 6 Foods You Should STOP Feeding Your Toddler – and it fits in perfectly with this month-long Back-2-School event. Kids in PreK either bring their own snack and lunch, or the school provides it. Take a stand and demand that your children eat food that is good and good for them!