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Picky Eaters Anonymous – Sneaky Mama Trick Recap

Picky Eaters Anonymous – Sneaky Mama Trick Recap

My kids aren’t picky… they just won’t eat 90% of what I make for my husband and I. So, like many other moms, I end up cooking 2 meals for dinner – well, if I’m lucky! In fact sometimes I have to cook 5 meals, because my 3 kids can’t agree on what they want for dinner, and my husband had what I made for dinner… for lunch :(.

Back when I was a kid (and $$ was tight) my mom made one thing for dinner, and we ate it, or else we didn’t eat. Times have changed! Kids want variety. Some will even browse the internet for food they’d like to eat (or make).

Today I made Pumpkin & Squash Soup, fresh-baked Rustic Peasant Bread, and a delicious Seasonal Salad filled with roasted pears, spice-glazed walnuts, roasted pumpkin seeds, goat cheese and a nutritious herbed vinaigrette. OF COURSE, I made extra for myself! But do you think my kids will eat it? Ummmm… NO.


So, I got creative… I took some of the leftover soup, cut up their favorite veggie (carrots), added organic chicken stock, brown rice pasta in cool kiddie shapes, and star pasta. Cooked it all together with a pinch of salt, and VOILA – a healthy, kid-friendly, dinner – easily made from the leftovers of my dinner!


For dessert! Cinnamon Roasted Pears (from the salad), with a little vanilla ice cream and candied walnuts & pumpkin seeds on top. Oh yeah! Yummm…

If your kids are a part of the Picky Eaters Anonymous Club, here is a list of my top 11 Tips:

Sneaky Mama Trick #1: Cooking Veggies & Pasta in the Same Pot!

Sneaky Mama Trick #2: Put Vitamins in a Smoothie

Sneaky Mama Trick #3: Go Nuts (and Seeds)

Sneaky Mama Trick#4: Look for Hidden Ingredients

Sneaky Mama Trick #5: Save $, Use Leftovers

Sneaky Mama Trick #6: Cookin’ With Quinoa

Sneaky Mama Trick #7: Make it CHOCOLATE!!

Sneaky Mama Trick #8: Hide Veggies in Sauce

Sneaky Mama Trick #9: Made Your Own Breadcrumb

Sneaky Mama Trick #10: Save $$ & Make it Healthy

Sneaky Mama Trick #11: Protein Brownies