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Omelet Your Way with Arugula and Cherry Tomato Salad

Omelet Your Way with Arugula and Cherry Tomato Salad

Mother’s Day is quick approaching, and whether you are the Mom, know a mom, or have a mom you wish to celebrate, this day can be fraught with performance anxiety! Fear not. Holly has an amazingly delicious and easy recipe, any mama will LOVE. Here goes 🙂

Holly’s tip: Make your salad dressing  first:

In honor of Mother’s Day I am featuring my Mom’s famous version of a classic French Vinaigrette – so easy and versatile!

Jane’s French Vinegrette:


  • 1 cup high quality olive oil
  • 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 – 2 teaspoons of finely ground sea salt (I use about 1 ½)
  • 2 cloves mashed garlic
  • 1-2 teaspoons dijon mustard (I use about 1 ½)
  • Optional pepper to taste

Directions: Mix all ingredients above together in a glass jar (I use a mason jar). Shake! Enjoy!

For the salad:

For 1 – 2 servings use about 1/3 of a 7oz bag of pre-washed baby arugula – obviously you can use more or less depending on how much salad you want.  Half a handful of cherry tomatoes.  Dress salad to taste using  Jane’s famous vinegrette. Set aside for now.

Holly’s Mother’s Day Omelet:

This omelet can be modified a million different ways.  I prefer omelets made with egg whites but my husband and kids like the whole egg – and I would rather the kids get the nutritious benefits of the yolk.

Ingredients: (makes 1 large serving)

  • 4 egg whites (or 2 whole eggs)
  • ¼ sweet onion – chopped
  • 2-3 white button mushrooms, washed and chopped

Olive oil – I use this Evo Oil Sprayer constantly:

Let’s get cookin’!


  • 1.       Spray your frying pan with olive oil. Heat pan a on medium heat. Add onions and saute until clear.  Add mushrooms and cook about 2 minutes until they start to get soft.  Remove from pan and set aside in a bowl.
  • 2.       Turn off heat while you break eggs into a bowl and whisk vigorously! (for fluffier omelet you can add a splash of milk).
  • 3.       Coat small frying pan with olive oil.  Turn on heat to medium.  Pour in eggs and immediatley add mushroom and onion mixture on top of egg one side of pan.  Cook until edges begin to brown and then fold side without veggies on top of side with veggies. Cook a minute longer and then flip and cook again for a few minutes.  Omelet should be crispy and light brown.

Transfer omelet to a plate so it occupies one half of the plate.  Fill the other half with Argula Salad.  Add salt, pepper and fresh herbs to taste.  I also like to serve with sliced avocado on the side for some extra yum.

Like I said, this omelet can be modified a million ways.  Spinach, chopped peppers, broccoli, cheese – the options are endless.  I do prefer to cook the veggies separately first as I feel that way they really get cooked through.  Another yummy option is to add some goat cheese to the top of the arugula salad.  A great way to start the day!

Love and YUM,