Love & Yum!

Healthy & Delicious Food for Families.



If a stranger cam up to you and said “give me your baby!”, you’d NEVER do it. So why did I hand Mama O’Neill over to Holly Noone, Maeghan Vegan, and a few select others to “raise” while I jump back into the Tech Biz?? Because I am committed to spreading the Love & Yum, and my commitment is shared with the ladies I just mentioned. So what’s next? Well, with the help of Holly et al you’ll continue to receive valuable recipes and content for families. However, now you’re going to have access to a dedicated health practitioner and Holistic nutritionist. AND,  we’re going to offer more local classes, recipes, e-cookbooks, and MUCH MUCH more. I’ve asked Holly to introduce herself. So without further ado, please meet my new Managing Director…

I come to Mama O’Neill and to this place in my life with a deep feeling of gratitude.  I truly believe that life offers us what we need at the right time if we are open to receiving the message and we are pursuing what in our hearts we know to be the right path.  I try to live by the saying “do something today that your future self will thank you for.”  Not always easy, for sure, but something to strive for.

It is perfect that my introductory newsletter for Mama O’Neill coincides with Mother’s Day.  It is because I am a mother of two beautiful amazing girls that I came to the world of health and wellness in the first place.  Two years ago I committed to myself and my family that I would try my best to take our family down a path that made healthy eating and living a priority.  I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and immersed myself in all things wellness.  I began a journey that will probably (and hopefully!) never end.  I am so proud to be a Certified Holistic Health Coach and am committed to helping others lead healthier, happier and more joyous lives.

That being said, the day to day drama and stress of feeding a family and maintaining ones sanity is an ongoing challenge.  I have 2 girls that couldn’t be more different in their approach to food.  One won’t try anything new and the other can’t wait to get in the kitchen and whip up something she’s never tried before (and, let’s face it, usually she wants to make the most sugar-laden dessert in the book.) (More on  dealing with that to come…)

Trying, on a day to day basis, to find something that everyone (including my husband, who is gluten-free) will eat can be maddening.

What I hope to do with Mama O’Neill is bring all of you stories, recipes, suggestions and advice on how to nourish yourselves and your families with healthy home-cooked food that (most of the time!) everyone enjoys.  I also hope to engage in a dialogue with the Mama O’Neill community so that we can all support each other.  Everyones family and needs are different but at the same time we face many of the same challenges…let’s share our suggestions and tips with each other!

In this newsletter I want to give thanks for all mothers and caregivers.  My Mom always cooked for us and I never fully appreciated it until I had children of my own.  Mothering is love.  It’s a sense of knowing you are cared for unconditionally.  I think my girls know that when I am in the kitchen throwing together soup, salad and maybe a little something sweet that I am mixing in a extra teaspoon of love.

I hope I can do that for your family as well!

LOVE and EXTRA YUM (thank you Lindsay),