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Gourmet Cooking in a Toaster Oven –

Gourmet Cooking in a Toaster Oven –

Happy Mother’s Day! Join me as I make this super simple, but delicious recipe with my daughter Avery. It’s perfect for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day! Check out the video on Today, and the recipe below!

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Mother’s/Father’s Day Breakfast in a Toaster Oven…

When I first received these machines I thought, oh, toasters – I’ll make toast. But not just any toast, avocado toast, one of my favorite dishes. Boring! Then I remembered that my husband LOVES toaster ovens, and used them to cook for most of his life, until he met me 🙂

So I asked him… what would you make? My husband is the breakfast master in our household, and so he helped me come up with this simple yet creative recipe for a Mother’s/Father’s Day Breakfast in a toaster oven.

Steak & Eggs in a Biscuit basket

Grassfed strip steak marinated from  in soy sauce (or coconut aminos), rubbed with a chicory coffee rub – or an espresso rub.

  • 4 uncooked biscuits molded into cups
  • 4 eggs (can use just the yolk to prevent a bigger mess)
  • 1 handful of citrus microgreens
  • pinch of salt & pepper

Let’s Get cookin’:

  • Pre-heat the toaster oven to 300 convection
  • Place steak on one tray and biscuits on the other
  • Crack 1 egg into the hole in each of the 4 biscuits and sprinkle with salt & pepper (if you have large eggs, you may just want to use the egg yolk)
  • Cook the biscuits on the upper rack and the steak on the lower rack for 15 – 17 minutes
  • Let the steak rest before slicing. Serve the sliced steak, on top of the egg in the biscuit, then place a few sprigs of microgreens on top.

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