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Crafting with Food – Kid Guru (

Crafting with Food – Kid Guru (

Two Nor-Easters, no power, and 2 trips to the Berkshires to get out of harms way, all in 1 week! My kids are going BANANAS and they are driving me cray cray! I thought Spring was going to come early this year?!? But there’s 2 feet of fresh snow outside forcing this mama to get creative.

I went back to an article I reposted from about finger painting with instant pudding, but that was not enough for my kiddies… they were bored in 20 minutes.

Then I started looking for other food we could use with the pudding paint. I found a bunch of fruit and veggies that made GREAT stamps. Simply cut an apple in half to make a butterfly stamp, or a head of broccoli to make trees, oh and then I found an article from that uses a celery stick to make scales on a Rainbow Fish! Genius!

Side note: Crafty Morning also has a fun article about coloring Easter eggs with KoolAid!

The stamps took our art project to a whole new level. Hours of fun and dozens of creative and delicious art projects… well, maybe the pudding covered broccoli was not such a great combo… but we loved the apples, strawberries, lemons, and even carrots with the delicious paint!

What delicious crafty projects can you come up with? Rainy days are coming our way… stay busy and get ready for Spring with Kid Guru tips from me and others on

Wishing you loads of Love & Yum!

~ Lindsay “Mama” O’Neill