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Article about Lindsay Mama O’Neill – Harrison Moms – March 2018

Article about Lindsay Mama O’Neill – Harrison Moms – March 2018

Meet Lindsay!

Moms, Meet Lindsay O’Neill aka ” Mama O’Neill” !  Mother of 3, chef, healthy lifestyle consultant, local business advisor and more! Is there anything this MOM can’t do ??  Go Lindsay!

Tell us a little bit about yourself ?

I grew up on Roosevelt Island in NYC and lived in NYC until moving to Harrison in December 2012. We have 3 daughters, Avery (7), Shay (5) and Brynn (3). My sister Emily Mure is an amazing up and coming musician ( I have 8 step-sisters, and a girl puppy named Kaia – she’s a Husky mix 🙂

I was raised by a single working mother who taught me that I can be anything I wanted to be … successful AND an amazing mother.  It was always my dream to be a great mom!   But my early life also brought with it some struggle so I had to gain perspective and learn how to “re-frame my life”at a young age.   I was determined to work hard to provide a better life for myself and my family.

One thing people would be surprised to know about you…

I’m not a trained chef nor nutritionist. I spent 15 years working in digital Ad/Tech Media! However, I had a bunch of health issues throughout my life that brewed my passion for integrative holistic health and healing foods.

Anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you through parenthood?

Parenthood is a team sport. My husband, Eric, is my main partner. My nanny, mother, friends and other family members have provided invaluable support … especially those much needed “ladies nights” filled with wine and laughter!  I don’t know how anyone can survive motherhood without wine and laughter with other amazing moms?!

Favorite things to do with your kids?

We love to have spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen. The power outage really cramped our style!  Our “Alexa” is typically abused daily, “Alexa, please play Roar by Katy Perry”… “No, no! Alexa, please play Can’t Stop The Feeling!”… You get the point.  Also, they love skiing (although I stink), the Aquarium, and traveling to visit their grandparents in the Berkshires and Florida (the beach!).

Are you involved in a business venture, a local organization or a creative endeavor?

Yes! Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a different business idea every 5 minutes.  I love creating something new and over the last 4 years I’ve been focusing my creative energy on food.  I’ve worked with local families to deliver and teach them how to make healthy, delicious and healing food.  I’ve been a content curator and marketing director for a few local businesses, and am now focused on a series of interviews featuring female grill masters.  I just returned from Memphis and Mississippi to interview and cook with the winningest woman in BBQ – Melissa Cookston.  It was so fun my cheeks still hurt from the perma-smile I had all week. If you or someone you know is looking for help in the kitchen, give me a holler!

How has this community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?

Growing up in NYC I was in a bubble. I had my inner circle of peeps, most of which were my colleagues or childhood friends. Building a family as a professional woman, I craved the a community that was safe, diverse, and loving. I needed peeps who “got it”. Moving to Harrison was tough for me at first. I was totally out of my element. But then I started to meet people from all different walks of life.  The commonality being we are all moms who are working hard to provide a wonderful life for our kids, in my case, a better life than I had.  Some of us are working moms, some stay-at-home moms (hardest job on the planet)… but all united in our common goal. Just writing about these people makes my heart fill with so much love and joy.

I never knew that it was possible to live in the suburbs of New York and still have access to such a diverse and loving community.  The community has embraced me as a teacher, consultant, and also just as a woman who wants to help make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.  2017 was a wicked year, and I’ve never felt so supported in my career and life than I do now.

Any time saving tips you’d like to share?

Just remember there are always NEW ideas and new things to try. All of my tips come from trial and error. So my top 3 tips are…

1. Try everything. If you want to do something, do it. Read and research. Enroll people who have “done it”… Whatever “it” is.

2. Enroll the community. Ask for help. We moms tend to put our heads down and just get through the tough times. You don’t have to get through it alone. Call me. Call a friend.

3. Don’t borrow problems from the future. Enjoy the moment for what it can be. Try not to worry or stress yourself out about what “might” happen at some point in time in the future. Carpe diem my friends.

Contact Info:

There is so much more to learn from and about Lindsay, so please check out her website for tips, tricks and Sneaky Mama (TM) recipes .  You can also email Lindsay directly