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Healthy & Delicious Food for Families.

NEW 2017 Online Workshops

NEW 2017 Online Workshops

What do you want in 2017?

  • Lose/RELEASE Weight
  • Feel & Look your BEST
  • Have MORE Energy
  • Learn to COOK Healthy Food that is DELICIOUS
  • Implement a successful FITNESS Program
  • COOK for Illness & Allergy
  • Save TIME, $$, and Energy Preparing FAMILY Meals

So what are you waiting for? Today could be the day that everything changed… it’s 100% up to you!

I’ve worked with hundreds of people to teach them how to cook EASY recipes that TASTE good, are HEALTHY and won’t break the bank! With customized recipes, cooking instruction, shopping lists/tips, products reviews, expert health, nutrition and fitness advice, I’ve helped all different types of people live HAPPIER, HEALTHIER lives… FOREVER.

NOW, I’m branching out beyond the BIG Apple, with 1-ON-1 ONLINE CONSULATION AND WORKSHOPS:

  • Dates TBD: Mind, Body & Spirit – Optimal Health & HAPPINESS

ALL Workshops are 1 Week Long and are Online and via Web-conference – So you can participate from ANYWHERE! APPLY HERE

COST: $899  now $288 per workshop*

What people are saying about working with Mama…


A year ago I moved to New York. A lot has happened in the last year. It was an amazing learning experience in so many different ways. A few days into my stay Lindsay and I were talking about some health issues I’d been having, and she suggest we totally redo my diet. I went on the “Mama O’Neill health plan” and I feel better than I have in YEARS. I am so thankful for that family, and everything they taught me. I’m also excited that in the last year I’ve lost 40+lbs and 5 pant sizes!! 😍 I know I had to put my own effort in to it, but I totally credit Lindsay O’Neill for 90% of it! I love you Mama-Lindsay O’Neill ~ Nikki Buell

“I love the focus on eating healthy and avoiding toxins… not just cutting calories. Even though I wasn’t able to participate on a daily basis, I’ve learned so much! The videos are full of valuable information and I really love the format. It’s so well organized. I’ve gone back and watched a couple of the videos a second time and it was so easy to find the links to each day. Lindsay, you have been so supportive and helpful. I so appreciate everything you’ve put into the program!” ~ Becky, IN

“I think the biggest revelation was that you don’t have to be perfect. If you slip or mess up it’s about moving on… tomorrow is another day! I also found a lot of value in learning to read labels and understanding what to steer clear of with food choices. NOW, my fridge and pantry are stocked with healthier options and I’m preparing in advance to make healthy choices easier for me. I loved this program and know I will be able to get closer to my personal health goals :)” ~ J., Harrison, NY

“I learned a lot about nutritional value of foods and the timing of what to eat when. Although my goals were more nutritional vs weight, I lost 3lbs!!! I feel freer!!!” ~ Jan, Canaan, NY

“I feel like I learned a lot of great information, and now will be able to make better choices and more easily find healthy alternatives to my usual meals and snacks. For me, I feel that this will take practice and time to really transform but with making small changes already, I feel more energetic and healthier.” ~ Erica, Purchase, NY

“Thank you Lindsay! I’ll miss seeing your face every morning, lol! Love the recipes, tips and especially loved Bina and Abe! I thought the Ayurvedic cooking was so interesting and I loved the power of positivity talk. It is such a great reminder for how I want to live my life! Xo” ~ E. Harrison, NY