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Happiness in my belly

Happiness in my belly

Did you know there are more serotonin receptors in your gut than there are in your brain?

It’s true. If your gut is “clean” and “healthy” you will naturally be happier… and being happy helps balance your gut.

But can we truly be happy if we haven’t cleared out all of the crap? I don’t just mean the crap in our digestive system, I mean ALL of the crap. The crap we hold on to – anger, frustration, pain, fear, sadness, anxiety, stress…

I’m dedicating this September 1st, 2017 post to my best friend Carla. Today is her birthday, but more than that, she has taught me how to truly be present in life and be happy. Enjoy the little things, celebrate the big “wins” and let go of the rest of the crap. “Just keep living. What other choice do we have?” Sage words from my friend who has recently charged through the saddest thing I can imagine… losing her baby girl last month to Tay Sachs.

Carla and I have been friends “forever” (33+ years), we’ve always supported and helped each other… Carla has been my rock, and even during her hardship, she still gives me all of the love, support and much needed laughter to help me through my crap and give me the best perspective.

Friends like Carla are a blessing, and so today, on her birthday, I am especially grateful that she was born and brought into my life. Having Carla in my life makes me SO HAPPY. She has my back and I will always have hers.

Today I challenge all of you to take care of yourselves – Mind. Body & Spirit. and take care of each other. Call your best friend. Have a good laugh. And…

Just keep living.




PS – This is Carla’s post from August 26th – just last week – if you feel moved to, please help us honor her daughter Talia and help others in a similar situation, by making a donation to Talia’s fund.

Happy Birthday Talia. It’s been one month without you and while we move forward we will never completely move on. You are in our hearts forever. Donations to the Talia Lynn Steckman Fund are greatly appreciated (and have been received from over 150 people so far!). This fund will help other children like Talia benefit from pediatric palliative care. Donate at