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It’s Great to Live in Harrison

It’s Great to Live in Harrison

5 years ago our neighbors in NYC handed us an article from the New York Times, entitled “It’s Great to Live in Harrison”. We’d been looking to move to the suburbs in Long Island and New Jersey, and hadn’t thought about moving to Westchester. I always thought Westchester was “Up State NY”… anything north of the Bronx felt too far away to even consider.

BUT that article was so compelling it made us drive up to Harrison the following weekend to look at a few homes. The next day we put a bid on a home in Harrison. It was love at first sight. Harrison, which neighbors Rye, Mamaroneck, White Plans, Port Chester, etc. is a beautiful town, full of beautiful homes, and yet still has a decent amount of cultural diversity – which is important for me the city slicker. However, the downtown seemed sleepy. When we asked for restaurant recommendations we were told to order take out from Mamaroneck and go out in Rye or Port Chester.

I kept thinking… WHAT ABOUT HARRISON? There must be hidden gems right on our doorstep?!?

Now, 5 years later, there’s been lots of turn-over in Rye and Port Chester, but the staples in Harrison have been steadfast! While friends still recommend leaving town, I prefer my favorite local haunts. With my new partner in, I’ve made it my mission to help these local gems boost their business by bringing awareness to the community. So here are my first featured restaurants in Harrison NY.

My TOP 5 Haunts in Harrison (Nov 1, 2017) –

  1.  Pizza2000

    – This is not your ordinary pizzeria. It feels like home when you walk in and you’re always greeted with a smile. John, the owner, seemly knows everyone by name and is always welcoming – even when I bring my 3 screaming children in! He’ll change the TV station to Nick JR, bring me a glass of wine and a grilled salmon salad, and ply the kids with pizza, broccoli and cookies. Heaven on earth if you ask me (a working mom to 3 little girls!). Where else can you get a healthy salad, have your kids eat everything on their plates, and keep them placated with their favorite TV show? And you don’t have to clean up after! Not possible, even in your own home.

  2. Gus’s Seafood Restaurant

    – A staple in Harrison, this place feels like Cheers, but with awesome food and wine. Their signature salad is my fave and I love to try their seafood specials – they are always delish! Check out their market too! Chop Meat Pete always has the best cuts of steaks, and the fish counter is filled with the freshest catch. In the summer months they have live music on their patio on Thursday nights, and other special events that draw a fun local crowd! Call Ernie if you need a party catered. They can do anything from BBQ to a 6 course tasting!

  3. 273 Kitchen

    – 273 Kitchen serves up my favorite food & service in Harrison. If you like to eat clean & healthy, in a gorgeous space, and have a beautiful glass (or bottle) of wine with lunch/dinner, this is the spot for you! Also, I crave Mediterranean food… and Constantine from 273 Kitchen has perfected Med-Fusion. (Check out his new place in Scarsdale – Popojito… MedMex!) Oh, and 273 has a $49 Tasting Menu, ALL OF THE TIME. For an awesome date night, or a ladies who lunch, call Michael @ 273 Kitchen and make a reservation! It’s a small space so make sure you reserve your table and tell them I sent you 🙂

  4. Wellingtons –

    – A NEW  favorite! If you’re looking for fried chicken Mondays, lobster Tuesdays, 12-hour-slow-cooked Prime Rib Wednesdays, BBQ night Thursdays or a fun Friday night Karaoke, you can get it all at Wellingtons. Their indoor space was just renovated with a beautiful exposed brick bar, and fresh modern lighting, and they have the awesome 3-season-deck for outdoor dining and events. Plus they cater parties all over Westchester County. Bring your whole family, or a friend or two, and enjoy this new hot spot.

  5. Trattoria Vivolo –

– Italian food that warms the heart, soothes the soul and hits all the right spots… 3 years ago, I was hit by a car while pregnant and was put on mandatory bedrest. I could not cook for my family, go out with my friends, and delivery was getting REALLY, REALLY old.  Our friend knows the owner (Dean) of Vivolo, and asked if he could bring us food. Dean delivered it himself! It was a silver-lining while I was on bedrest. The day I was finally released from the confinements of my bed, I begged Eric to take me for dinner there. The food is so good, the service is top notch and the ambiance is is unique and gorgeous! It’s warm and comforting, fresh and delicious. Oh, and since my first meal, I’ve had multiple parties catered by them. Barbara does a beautiful job with amazing platters of drool-worthy food.

If you have a local Westchester restaurant to add, please contact me at and I will visit them and give them a shout out! Now stop reading about it… and go eat local!

Love & yum,

Lindsay “Mama” O’Neill