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YUM: Gluten Free Pasta for Kids & Adults

YUM: Gluten Free Pasta for Kids & Adults

It may have a silly name, but it is a seriously GREAT product. Tinkyada has become my favorite gluten free pasta for kids & adults. It’s not mushy, and it comes in every shape and size. Here is my full review…

Like Dislike
They keep it simple: just a few good ingredients Would love for them to make a quinoa pasta
Their veggie pasta contains real veggies!
Like Dislike
Not mushy (as advertised) Can get a little sticky – need to add oil or sauce immediately after cooking & straining
Absorbs sauce flavors beautifully
Stays firm even after a few days and being reheated
I avoid corn & potato based pastas – so that eliminates much of Tinkyada’s competition. Others I’ve tried include Ancient Harvest and Bionaturae – which are both good, but not GREAT!

You can buy it at most grocery stores (including Trader Joe’s) or pop it into your Amazon Prime cart!