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Tuscan Bean Soup

Tuscan Bean Soup

In just 10 minutes you can make this delicious & nutritious meal that is VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE – but filling and low sodium 🙂 My buddies over at Pizza2000 in Harrison inspired this soup… they have a Tuscan bean soup with Kale that is amazingly delicious. After remaking (aka copying) their soup, I realized I didn’t like the chewy, filmy, texture of the kale. Now, this video makes me seem like a kale hater – which I’m not! But, two women in my family experienced weight gain from eating too much raw kale. I actually prefer the texture of raw kale to cooked kale, and love a nice shredded kale salad… however, when I have a client who wants to lose weight, and thinks they can eat 5 kale salads a day and drop 10lbs, they are baffled when I tell them how it can affect their thyroid. Just like eating lots of tuna can put you at risk of mercury poisoning – kale is best a couple of times a week, not a few times per day! Okay, rant over. Enjoy this simple, delicious and nutritious recipe!

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Lindsay (Mama) O’Neill