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I am a Saucey Mama

I am a Saucey Mama

I am a Saucey Mama – and I know you are too! Don’t play coy with me… you are a mother. That alone is a feat. Now add marriage, work, family, friends, LIFE in general, and I bet you have, umm, well, no time for YOU. That, my love, is why I made this sauce, and why I want you to have some. You don’t have time to slow simmer delicious marinara sauce for hours, and add 5 sneaky veggies, fresh herbs and spices, then bake it into meatballs, lasagna, chicken nuggets, pasta, meatloaf, etc. But it’s okay, I’ve done the work for you, so that maybe – yes MAYBE – you can have time for YOU.

Here’s the downside. You have to order these products from me – and I have to deliver them (coming soon to a National – maybe INTERNATIONAL, ordering system near you). So please fill in your order HERE for June… and I’ll be in touch to coordinate the details.

Love & yum,

Lindsay (Mama) O’Neill