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YUM: Pamela’s GF Baking & Pancake Mix

YUM: Pamela’s GF Baking & Pancake Mix

For 1.5 years my middle daughter was on a strict Gluten & Dairy FREE diet. But the kids wanted pancakes all of the time! So like any over-protective Mama bear, I went hunting for the best GF pancake mix I could find… and now, even though she is cleared to eat wheat & gluten again, we still use Pamela’s. Why? Here’s my full review.

Like Dislike
Uses brown rice & other flours vs. White rice or potato starch Not 100% dairy-free
Contains extra protein from almond flour
Uses aluminum-free baking powder & sea salt
Like Dislike
If you want an egg-free option, this fluffs up nicely using flax eggs Have to add ingredients to heighten the flavor
Sweet without added sugar
Even with almond meal it’s not gritty
This is my favorite brand, but I’ve also tested Arrow Mills, King Arthur & Bob’s. There is a brand that you can buy at Costco called Namaste GF Baking Mix that I also LOVE (not a pancake mix) – it doesn’t contain nuts, dairy, or other allergens… which is great for school baking and clients who have allergies. My review on that coming soon!

Best place(s) to buy: 

Whole Foods – $.28 per oz

Amazon (pack of 3) – $.20 per oz