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LOVE & YUM: MacroLife Macro Greens Cocoa

LOVE & YUM: MacroLife Macro Greens Cocoa

Want to sneak veggies, fruit, probiotics and other essential vitamins & nutrients into your kids’ food EVERY DAY?!? Then you need to get you some of this… MacroLife’s Macro Cocoa Greens!! We use it in pancakes, smoothies, chocolate milk, muffins, cookies, brownies… did I mention pancakes? It adds a great chocolately flavor to almost anything.

My kids love it, and I love that it is good for them. Quick tip: when making chocolate milk you may need to blend a scoop of this into milk instead of stirring it to get it fully mixed.

Buy it on Amazon – or better yet, subscribe to receive it monthly! You’ll need it 🙂