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Life Gave Me Lemonade

Life Gave Me Lemonade

When Life Gives You Lemonade… NOT Lemons

I took a short break from private cooking 2 weeks ago… and I got sick (bronchitis – ick) – so did all of my kids, my husband, and my nanny. My mom, who we were staying with in the Berkshires, took care of all of us. Then, at the end of the week, as we were all on the mend – my caretaker mother falls skiing and breaks her leg/hip. 3 screws and a rod later, I’m back in the Berkshires caring for her. Another week flies by and now I have one of my best friends’ wedding, a funeral of dear friends’ father/grandfather/uncle, and a pile of work… not to mention 3 kids who are tired of being cooped up and are bouncing off the walls.

Lemons. Lemons. Lemons.

As I start to strategize how I’ll turn these lemons into lemonade, I get a few calls – the Berkshire Museum is ready to accept my help in creating a promotional video campaign about their Aquarium. 2 new clients would LOVE my private cooking services for their families who have severe allergies and need an at-home chef, and a school lunch technology I’m designing is ready to be built.

Listen, I can handle a lot – but I’m starting to get really overwhelmed – these lemons are piling up, and I’m either going to make a crap-ton of lemonade or I’m going to drown in the sour, bitter juice! I take a deep breath, and a step back to get some perspective. As I’m trying to quiet my ego that tells me I can do it ALL, and stop from “shoulding all over myself”, it hits me: Life has not given me lemons – it’s given me lemonade. Life figured out what I needed – I needed to gain perspective – to take a break, take a step back, focus on myself, and then refocus and move forward. The lemons don’t need to be squeezed, and the juice doesn’t need to be sweetened, it’s already done for me. Life figured out what I needed, and gave it to me – and I received it.

So, what does this mean for you? When am I cooking again? What services will I offer? When will the lunch programs be implemented? What classes am I hosting? Well, this week I have Mama’s Night Out on Weds – a monthly cooking series & party for moms. Then I have my kids cooking class at Res every Thurs, and I’d like to cook for y’all too. So if you need some delicious home cooked food CONTACT ME and I’ll either send out a menu later today, or I’ll work with you individually to create a menu specifically for your family.

Life gave me lemonade, and I want to share it with you. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my story. I’ll see you soon!

Love & yum,

Lindsay (Mama) O’Neill