Love & Yum!

Healthy & Delicious Food for Families.

YUM: I LOVE my Love & Peas!

YUM: I LOVE my Love & Peas!

Seriously – I really love this product… and I use it in everything: muffins, pancakes, smoothies, brownies, cakes, snacks, etc. It’s great for people on a Paleo diet, for kids, for vegetarians, and the work-out buff. Why do I love it so much? Here is my full review…

Like Dislike
No whey protein (which is dairy) Nothing…
First 5 ingredients are plant-based
0 refined/processed ingredients
PACKED with vitamins, minerals and nutrients
Lower (natural) sugar than competition ~4.5g per scoop
Like Dislike
Doesn’t taste “fake” like other vanilla powders Would love if they made chocolate!
Enhances flavor and smooth texture of baked goods If you use the recommended 2 scoops, it is WAY too thick – just use 1/2 scoop for smoothies and 1 scoop for baking
Blends beautifully in smoothies
When it comes to plant-based protein, I’ve only tried a few: Life’s Basics & Garden of Life – but Love & Pea’s tastes the best. The true test… my kids love Love & Peas, and won’t touch the others 🙂