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DAY 2: Mind – Positivity – MBSI Program December 2016

DAY 2: Mind – Positivity – MBSI Program December 2016

Yesterday we kicked off the program with an intro video with my friend Brooke Emery.

We talked about our intentions for the program – freedom from judgement, fear, and openness to self love, positivity and change.

Today you will hear from my life-long friend Abraham Hassan about the POWER of POSITIVITY – and the LAW of ATTRACTION. In these two important lessons we will learn how to shed negativity, release weight, get happy, and focus on what WE WANT.

In addition to loving yourself, and accepting yourself for who you are, having a clear vision of what your goals are is critical to your success. But what are goals? Goals are “wants” that can be obtained with hard work, perseverance and a sprinkling of luck. There are productive ways to set goals, that give you the greatest chance of getting what you want. And there are unproductive goal setting methods, that can leave you feeling too overwhelmed to do anything at all (aka paralysis by analysis).

After this video with Abe, we will take a few moments to complete Exercise #2 in our program.

If you do not have time to watch the full video – here are some “Cliff Notes”:

  • Positivity doesn’t cost you anything, it’s free, it doesn’t hurt – it only helps, it is a POWERFUL choice we make that can shift our whole day – and impact our lives forever.
  • Lindsay’s analogy: 86,400 moments in a day. If you had $86,400 in the bank, and someone stole $10 from you, would you throw the rest away? I wouldn’t. There are 86,400 moments in our day, if someone upsets you and steals just a few moments from you, do you let it ruin the rest of your day? Why are dollars more precious than moments? The best thing we can learn is how to compartmentalize stress, and live for the happy moments.
  • Abe studies the ‘Law Of Attraction’, which as we know it today has been practiced since the beginning of time. Ancient Eastern Cultures have integrated this practice in their daily life as prayers, chanting, and religious rituals. Every action is meant to deepen the focus, belief, or faith towards acquiring one’s goals in life. Mantra (or “affirmations) chanting is a repetitive exercise that forces the human psyche to visualize and channelize the mind’s energy to acquire one’s wishes and desires. The accumulation of Mantra energy provides a powerful impetus for manifesting your desires into reality. Mantra meditation has been in existence since ancient times and has withstood the test of time very well. Indian Hindu scriptures are full of accounts that reveal conclusively that anyone can achieve what they want if they focus on their goals and chant the Mantras that accelerate the Laws of Universal Attraction.
  • Exercise, dancing, listening to positive music, running, etc. helps “shed” negativity which clogs our brains and prevents us from receiving good things – things that we want – goals we want to accomplish.
  • Setting intentions puts us in the mode of “acting as if” we already have what we want. So that we can stop waiting for it, and feel as if we have it – making it MUCH more likely we will attain all of our goals.

Exercise #2 – SETTING INTENTIONS (for this program, and for everything in your life) – WRITE A LETTER

A) Master of Manifestation. I’ve used this proven goal setting method for 18 years. It’s helped me get what I want, from having successful business meetings, to producing healthy babies. Please follow this format for the best results, and fill it out every morning about what you want for each day.

B) Then, write your (future) self a letter. Date it January 5th, 2017 – 1 month from today. Tell yourself everything you’ve learned and attained in the last month – and what you want for 2017. Print it out, sign it, and put it in an envelope. Do not open it until January 5th, 2017. Here is a sample of what I wrote- BUT make this all about YOU:

January 5th, 2017

Dear Lindsay,

I’m so proud of what you’ve accomplished in the last month. You’ve hosted your first, successful online program, and helped dozens of people live happier, healthier and more delicious lives. Through your program, and taking your own advice, you’ve been able to heal your chronic sinus infections. You also feel more rested, and have been on an upward spiral of positivity. Oh, and your body looks great – your arms and stomach are more defined, and that extra pregnancy “skin” is getting tighter. Your children have all survived the Holidays without illness, and so have you and Eric. You closed on your new home, and found temporary renters whole you focus on selling your current house in the Spring market.

In 2017, I know you will do great things – and become a positive inspiration and support for thousands, if not millions of people. Your customizable cookbooks, meal plans, and program tools will become common practice. People will live happier lives, which will impart positively impact millions of others positively. Most importantly, you will really learn to accept yourself for who you are. Of course you will make mistakes along the way, but you will gracefully learn from them, and grow stronger, happier, and become freer in the process.

You live in a constant state of gratitude, and have figured out how to live life in the moment – something you’ve struggled to do your whole life. As I said before, I am proud of you. You’ve come a long way since December 5th, and I know 2017 will be the best year ever for you!

Love & yum,


***WOO HOO! You’ve completed day 2 – hope you’re feeling awesome and ready to get DEEP DIVE info from Nutritionist Sarah Davis – Don’t worry, I broke up the 60 minutes of info into 10 minute lessons on important topics. Get some rest. See you tomorrow 🙂