June24_kidspicBorn and raised in NYC and now resident of Westchester, Lindsay (Mama) O’Neill is mother to 3 little girls (Avery, Shay and Brynn). She was raised by a single working mother who taught her that you CAN be anything you want to be… be successful, and also be an amazing mother. It was always Lindsay’s dream to be a great mother, just like her mom. But life was not so easy. Lindsay shared a one bedroom apartment with her sister and mother (who slept on the couch), until she was a teenager. She struggled with depression, anxiety and anger for many years. But at the end of the day she always felt lucky and full of passion and love. Many of her friends were in MUCH worse situations – living off food stamps, government assistance, and raised by abusive parents.  Lindsay gained perspective and learned to “re-frame” her life at a young age. She was determined to work hard to provide for herself and her family & friends, and create a better, more prosperous life.

When her parents divorced at age 9, and her mom had to go back to work full-time, Lindsay had to fend for herself in the kitchen. Although culinary expertise was not her strength, she loved to cook… and REALLY loved to eat. As a teenager, Lindsay loved to try new and exotic foods like rabbit, lamb, Indian food, and sushi – although she really preferred to eat burgers & fries, pasta & bread, pizza & ice cream! Health and nutrition was never a focal point in Lindsay’s early life. When she was in college, her health started to fail. After many tests and doctors’ visits, she found out that her cholesterol was high, she had raging IBS, and many other digestive and hormone-related issues.

Lindsay was born with a drive to work hard, and take care of others, and so she couldn’t let her health get in the way of her passion and dreams. She had worked most of her life, starting as a model at age 5, and then babysitter, and magazine stylist all before age 12. When she was 16 she got a job at a brand new store in SoHo (Anthropolgie). For years Lindsay worked in retail, wholesale, event planning and fundraising. In 2001, Lindsay got her first job working in digital media. She worked her way up to a manager within 6 months, and a year later (at age 21) co-founded a digital media company.

While she was building her first business, she always remained very focused on helping others. She felt her life had greater purpose, and so in 2006 she launched the first social network for professional women called The Femme Network. With over 5,000 members, The Femme Network was a community of women who wanted to help each other be the best they could be. Because of her work with women in The Femme Network, Lindsay was featured in the NY Times, on CBS news, was one of 4 female entrepreneurs featured in an international ad campaign for Naturalizer in Self Magazine, and was a TOP entrepreneur under 30 in Crains NY. Lindsay was married in 2007… and life was great! But after the 2008 financial crisis, she could no longer sustain the business, so she scaled back The Femme Network and went back to work in digital media & advertising technology.

The stress of the failing economy and uncertainty, was exacerbated by those pesky health issues Lindsay struggled with over many years. She was determined to get healthy before starting a family, and so she sought out someone who could help advise her. That’s when she was introduced to Sally Kravich – an expert Holistic Nutritionist – who opened Lindsay’s eyes to the possibility of living a TRULY healthy and happy life. Sally worked with Lindsay from 2009, and still does today. She reformed the way Lindsay approaches food and nutrition, and prepared her for motherhood.

Lindsay’s first daughter, Avery, was born in 2010, and Lindsay took a few months off from work to decide on her next career move – now as a working mom, she wanted to make the right choice for her new family. She joined Rocket Fuel as the VP of their Enterprise division, and worked in that capacity while she was pregnant with Shay, and until Rocket Fuel’s IPO in late 2013.  After her exit from Rocket Fuel, she really wanted to do something that she loved AND make a difference in her community. So, she consulted for a few digital media companies while she launched Cooking With Kiddies LLC (CWK) – an educational website and in–person class for kids to learn and have FUN cooking healthy and delicious food.

Just a few weeks after she launched CWK, she got pregnant with her 3rd baby: Brynn – her toughest pregnancy yet! Morning, noon and night sickness plagued her for 2 months. Then after food poisoning, a sprained ankle (crutches) and 3 sinus infections, she was FINALLY able to refocus on CWK. She hosted a few cooking classes and started creating fun and nutritious recipes for kids. Just 2 months later, a car accidentally hit Lindsay. She was 7 months pregnant. Lindsay spent the rest of her pregnancy on bed rest, and could not cook, work, or play with her two older daughters. Instead of sitting idle (which would have driven her mad), she started blogging about food, kids and pregnancy. She began obsessively thinking about how to positively impact and help as many people as possible. Lindsay’s thoughts on growing her business started to branch beyond educating kids… to pregnant women… and then to ALL parents and families.

When Brynn was 3 months old, Lindsay launched a series of classes for kids, and a new website CookingForBump.com. Then things started to take off like WHOA! Lindsay was asked to cook nutritious & delicious food for over a dozen local families. She created a diet/meal plan that helped several people lose weight, feel great and look like a million buck$! Then, in December 2015, she was approached by an early-stage healthy food delivery start-up to be a Co-founder & Chief Product Officer. Lindsay entertained the opportunity and was about to sign on, when she got an influx of positive feedback on her healthy food delivery and diet/meal plan. The feedback was overwhelming, and her friends and clients were so sad that she was going to give up her business to join the new start-up. Lindsay took some time off to think about her next steps, and ultimately decided to focus on her own business, and turned down the partnership with the start up! That leads us to MamaONeill.com—the one-stop-shop for all things healthy & delicious for families (adults, parents and kids)!

Lindsay’s path has led her to this place… but this is not the end, this is a magical point on an incredible journey. This website was created to share love – love of food, of people, of health and happiness. It was created to inspire, enliven, revive and entertain. It was created to serve – to help – to heal. So please enjoy the Love & Yum!