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Oprah’s ‘peace with food’

Oprah’s ‘peace with food’

Oprah looks GOOD! Last month she was on the cover of People Magazine, telling her story about how she ‘finally made peace with food’. She talks about her decade(s) long struggle with weight-loss, and how Weight Watchers was the only thing that got her to her weight loss goal. Yes, we know Oprah, the struggle is real!

But did you know that Oprah bought 10% of Weight Watchers in 2015, and the stock sky rocketed over 300% – then plateaued and regressed in mid 2016. This new “story” in People was the PERFECT way to re-boost the stock price. Dang, this lady is smart.

Storytelling is an art… a powerful art that can change lives, sky-rocket a business and massively impact the world. Look at the 2016 election. Who was the better storyteller? Who moved the masses and won influence? Who best leveraged social media? Look at the stories that were born from that election process… those stories are the most powerful and prominent in our world right NOW.

Forbes quote of the day Jan 31st, 2017: “Being successful at networking is realizing that, to get where you’re going, you need to help others get to where they’re going.” ~ J. Kelly Dara Hoey
Before taking a story writing workshop with Kylie Slavik – I was scared to tell my stories, because they involved other people, and I didn’t want to tell THEIR stories. These stories were festering inside of me, waiting to erupt! I desperately wanted the stories to HELP people, not HURT them.
Slowly, I took Kylie’s advice, and asked the people whose stories were intertwined in mine, if I could release their story with their name, or anonymously. The responses I got were overwhelmingly positive. Not only was I able to be self expressed, but I helped others do the same. The power of releasing the story has sparked my inner story-teller, and given me and others the platform to tell authentic stories that drive media initiatives.
The most recent example of this is my friend Nikki. 18 months ago, Nikki asked me to help her lose weight. She was recently divorced from a man who body shamed her daily. Nikki’s request merely scratched the surface of the work we needed to do. Diet/meal planning and exercise alone would not get her where she needed to be.
We worked tirelessly together for 3 months. Setting intentions to manifest the happiest & healthiest life possible: what do you want, why do you want it, how will you feel when you get it, and what will you do to celebrate? Each day she set her goals, and learned to forgive herself when she failed. We never gave up, even when she felt tired, defeated, and fat.
Every week I taught Nikki how to plan her meals, cook healthy food that actually tasted GREAT, and encouraged her to find a way to “move more” doing things she loved to do – walking, Zumba, bar class, etc.
After 3 months had passed, Nikki had “released” 30lbs. But more incredible that that – she was rebuilding her self-esteem. She let go of a relationship that wasn’t serving her, and made a commitment to love herself.
You see, we have more serotonin receptors in our gut than we do in our brain. By healing her gut, and clearing out her system, Nikki was able to let happiness back into her life.
Now, 18 months from when we began, Nikki is working at her father’s BBQ Restaurant, and has dropped 6 dress sizes and “released” 50 lbs. She is happy, healthy, and in training to become a Jazzerize instructor.
I am proud of my friend, and proud of the work we did together to transform her life. Each day we have choices to make: put ourselves FIRST, or put ourselves on the back-burner. As women, we typically choose the latter. Why? When I asked my friends and clients they all say the same thing: “I’m too busy”, I don’t have enough time”, “Someday I’ll do it”.
WHAT THE F&*# LADIES?!? We are the heart and soul of this world. We are leaders, teachers, caregivers and mothers. If we don’t take care of ourselves, our world will fail. If we all put ourselves first – put that oxygen mask on ourselves before helping others – our tanks would be full, and we could be our BEST SELVES for everyone else!
I love Nikki, and will continue to love and support her through her process. Can I do the same for you? Many of us need a cheerleader, someone who has our back, who will honor our success and hold us when we fail.
My purpose in this life is to be that for you. If you’re interested in working with me, please take a few moments to check out my upcoming workshops*. Make the choice to live a life on fire – filled with love and happiness. To look and feel your best forever. YOU deserve it!
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