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National Women’s Day 2017

National Women’s Day 2017

I’m a woman. A mother of 3 daughters. Sister to 9 sisters. Entrepreneur focused on connecting and empowering professional women. A passionate cook. A lover of people. And now, I am a BLAZER @ Greatest Blaze & Co. 

This morning our company was featured in 27 local newspapers, from the CT Post to the Greenwich Time, and dozens of others. As a NEW Partner and the Chief Innovation Officer, I am responsible for maintaining quality control and content curation, marketing and promotion of the products we promote and sell. Our mission is simple, but important: “Greatest Blaze embodies the universal love and attraction for wood-burning fires and the special setting they create for family time, leisure time and storytelling with friends and loved ones.” 

In this time of unrest in our country – when we are breaking through old standards and definitions, and demanding an understanding community – we can find inspiration and comfort in the Blazer motto of love, passion, community, family, and storytelling.

As a mother, and a passionate advocate for all women, I feel like I have a special opportunity to change our future for the better. I’m grateful for the Greatest Blaze, who has given me, and many others, a platform for sharing our stories, and motivating and empowering others. I’m proud to be a working mom, a serial femme-preneur, and to have the support and flexibility to be the best mother I can be.

Thank you @ Macaela J. Bennett for writing this article about our new showroom – many more exciting things coming from the Blaze! Sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date on what we’re up to!

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