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Baffled By Butter?

Baffled By Butter?

Is butter good for you? Does it help you lose weight? Why is butter making a resurgence in diet-plans?

MANY people have asked me about butter as a daily digestive aid & metabolism booster – and while I DO cook with butter, it is not something I recommend you eat daily for weight loss.

Yes, butter is a fat, but is it really a “healthy fat”. Here are some things to consider if you’re trying to lose weight on a diet that requires that you eat butter daily:

  • Yes, butter makes you poop – but so does coffee – so why do you need to add saturated fat to something that already makes you poop?
  • Butter is a saturated fat, which is MUCH harder to digest, and it will raise your cholesterol.
  • Yes, butter is low calorie, but when you use a stick of butter in a recipe vs. a tablespoon or 2 of avocado or coconut oil, you are consuming less calories but more harmful fat and cholesterol – and you don’t get the nutritional benefits – like heart-healthy omegas 🙂
  • There are similar vitamins & minerals in butter & avocado oil… so choose wisely based on what you’re cooking.
  • ALWAYS do your research – even if the diet is approved or prescribed by a doctor. Knowledge is power!

So what do I suggest for losing weight?

If you want to live a healthy life, do everything in moderation.

Cut out (completely) processed foods. Try to cook food using fresh ingredients, and use avocado oil & coconut oil in place of butter whenever you can. But don’t stress yourself out trying crazy new diets. Be patient, make small modifications daily, and contact me if you need someone to help & support you.

Love & yum,

Lindsay (Mama) O’Neill